Hillaballoo, July 18th 2009

The gleefully eccentric Hillaballoo festival returns to Telegraph Hill on July 18th, 2009 from midday until after dark.

Although the full programme has not-yet been announced, this year's event will take place in the lower park and feature a contribution from the Horniman Museum, which will stage activities including planting food seeds in recycled containers, a hands-on mini-museum about food, ‘meet the gardening expert’ and an art installation of pledges to take more care of our environment.

Best of all, however, is the organiser's promise of "spectacular pudding art, by Ian."


Tamsin said...

It's in the lower park this time so it will only be until dusk, but no reason then not to decant to the upper park and enjoy the views. (Incidentally, a night view from the upper park is one of the rotating photos that change each time you refresh thehill.org.uk website.)

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