Mantle Road planting project

Rob and Rupert from the Brockley Cross Action Group have organised for the two islands on the Mantle Road junction to create an eyecatching, wildlife-friendly gateway into Brockley.

A team of volunteers will be on site to complete one of the beds on Thursday, 11 June (all day). BXAG and other community volunteers are doing the second bed, outside the Brockley Food Market on Saturday 13 June (1.00-5.00pm) and Sunday (3.00-7.00pm).

Rupert explains:

"We need some serious action and support from BXAG members and our friends in the community to make this a success and a fun weekend!

"Remember even an hour will help us, but we really do need commitment to get this done, so an afternoon (or both!) would be great. If you have any health issues then there will be lots of none back breaking jobs to do as well!

"We really need to 10-12 people each day to make this an easier task and bring out the community spirit."

If you're interested in taking part, please email us at and we'll pass on your details.