Brockley Bites - PostScript edition

Coulgate Street resolution

Cllr Dean Walton has now confirmed the resolution adopted by the Brockley Assembly concerning the possible part-pedestrianisation of Coulgate Street, which we reported here. He says:

"The Assembly has voted to request the Mayor to investigate options for the pedestrianisation of Coulgate Street in consultation with residents, traders and other relevant organisations."

"The Assembly had a good discussion about the issues surrounding the pedestrianisation of the street. There were some early concerns about what the impact could be and whether it was desirable - however it is expected that these can be more fully explored along with the clear benefits in any consultation."

Hilly Fields Playground

Having written about the plans for the new Hilly Fields playground, we asked User Group member Polly how quickly it could materialise - incredibly quickly, is the answer. She says:

It should be ready for spring next year, if not earlier. We need a successful stage 2 lottery bid for some of the money, but we can progress a large part without delay from the existing funds.

The plans need turned into contract drawings with details on how it will be built, then tendered to the contractors. So we are looking at being on site around October. This would mean it being up and running in Spring 2010.

Life Drawing at the Tank Gallery

Aoife, curator of the Tank Gallery in Ladywell, followed up this recent article by telling us about the life drawing classes that are coming up:

We are running a few drop in life drawing classes on the 17th and 24th of June. The upstairs space has lovely light and space and is perfect for it so we are trying it out and hope to run the classes regularly in the future.

Walk in class: £6 per person. Some materials available but no boards or easels at the moment.

Brockley Common progress

The keener-eyed among Brockley Central's Twitter friends have noticed that they are still missing their trains in the morning, thanks to the closure of the bridge to allow for construction work on both sides of the track.

The bridge was due to re-open about now, but hasn't. We understand that construction on the common is running a little behind schedule due to the discovery of some contaminated soil (hopefully diesel rather than uranium) during the earthworks. It has now been removed and work is ongoing.