Let's Move To Deptford

In 2007, Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre condemned newspapers like The Guardian of being "patronisingly contemptuous of... ordinary people."

Some weeks back, The Daily Mail came to Deptford and served up what can only be described as a patronisingly contemptuous article.

For a feature it's planning about ordinary life in Deptford, The Guardian's currently asking people who live there what they like and dislike about it:

Do you live in Deptford, south-east London? Do you have a favourite haunt or pet hate? If so, please write, by next Friday, to lets.move@guardian.co.uk

The sandal-wearing bastards.

Anyway, feel free to influence the piece - 'proximity to Brockley' ought to be perfectly acceptable as a plus point.

With thanks to Monkeyboy, who does exist.