The Marquee of Moonbow at the Brockley MAX

This year, the Brockley MAX festival culminates at Hilly Fields, with three nights of comedy, music and drink under the stars at the Moonbow Marquee. Organised by former Moonbow Jakes proprietor John, the Brockley MAX site has the full line-up, but here are some of the highlights from The Festival Folly Stage...

Friday, 5th June, 5.45pm onwards

The night starts with a set by The Film Band, who will play music from classics such as Lawrence of Arabia and Midnight Cowboy. Poetry and DJ sets will be interspersed by comedy from Jessica Fostekew, George Ryegold, Rosie Wilby and Nick Helm.

Saturday, 6th June, 11.45am onwards

Entertainment will run throughout the day, opening with performances from Damien Renouf and Ceri James and running in to the evening with Billy Jenkins and his band, the Queen's English and Blues singer Earl Green before the fireworks at 11pm.

Sunday, 7th June, timing TBC

The final day is given over to some outstanding classical musicians, including soprano Sally Silver, chamber music from The Greenwich Trio and pianist Julian Jacobson.

Entrance Fee: £4 per day or £10 for all 3 days.

The licensed bar will be serving cocktails, Pimms, casked bitters, Mr Lawrence's famous cider and ice cold bottles of beer.


Moira said...

Photos of the Opening Night are now up on the website. Thanks to all the photographers.

Moira said...

Over The Moonbow has started on the Moonbows windows - a daily changing cartoon about a local cafe..
And don't forget the quiz night and Mark Sampson at the Wickham and and the East European music at the Jam Circus this evening.

john from ex-moonbow said...

Nick, thanks very much for this.

To let you know all the money raised from wrist band sales goes to the performers and the Brockley Max. Most performers do this for a living and they are as good as donating their time.

Slight change to bill, Selvie Wonder's drummer is ill so we have the Queen’s English, (Beatbox from opening night) as a replacement. Also on Saturday renowned Billy Jenkins has got his entire band together for Saturday afternoon and the beautiful Sarah Gillespie plays at 6pm ***** mojo/Guardian/Independent

Sunday is complete and looks fantastic.

I am writing the confirmed running order this afternoon.


Brockley Kate said...

This sounds so good, I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

On Saturday, as throughout the week, I often go to bed at 10:30, and as I am within hearing distance of Hilly Fields, could the noise from the fireworks be kept to a minimum, or perhaps make it a sparkler-only event?

thanks very much

Anonymous said...

Anon, Are you for real?

Paddyom said...

I know i should probably get out more but this is the highlight of my SE4ocial diary. Its the only weekend of the year i can get all my West-London mates down to Saff East and show them a night out to make them jealous...bring on the fireworks!

Anonymous said...

they're jealous of fireworks in the park!?

Paddyom said...

Its more that they cant believe that a community organized event can be so good and such a laugh. I wouldnt take it for granted as you dont get stuff like that in many places. Honestly.

Brockley Nick said...

@John - have updated the thread, look forward to the extra details.

Moira said...

We didn't get funding for fireworks, so please bring any sparklers you might have lying around.

sonofagun said...

I think there will be a few bright sparks up there anyway Moira

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