Forest saved in Forest Hill

The planning application that we wrote about here and here, to turn a greenfield site made up of woodland and old Victorian gardens into 9 blocks of flats, has been refused once again. This is a great victory for the Forest Hill community, with a massive 349 people objecting to the application.


Anonymous said...

Not in our back yards!

Anonymous said...

If there is money to be made, the developers will try again and again.

Prophet of Doom said...

What will probably happen is that the developers will put in a revised plan, incorporating some small 'environmentally friendly' feature.

This time it will get through, because protestors will feel they have already had their say and don't realize they need to protest again - and because developers have been a seen to make a concession.

Watch out for that.

Headhunter said...

They've already made a concession to "the environment". If I remember correctly, in the last application they intended to put bat and bird boxes in as well as rain water butts or something... Not exactly a replacement for a well loved park though is it?

lb said...

Actually, this is one campaign that I agreed with. Good stuff.

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