Gone in 30 seconds: First East London Line train journeys from New Cross Gate to Dalston [Updated]

BBC London has footage of the first test voyage of a train on the new East London Line, travelling from New Cross Gate to Dalston on Monday.

The high-speed video shows the journey in 32 seconds. One of the criticisms occasionally levelled at the new line is that it relies too heavily on old infrastructure (as if reusing existing facilities to keep costs down and avoid carving up new parts of the city was a bad thing), but this video shows just how much construction work has been involved.

The BBC reports that the train travelled at 10mph and that "there will now be a few months of track testing at increased speeds until the line, running between Dalston Junction and West Croydon, opens to the public in the spring of 2010 [slightly earlier than originally expected]."

UPDATE: Leading travel blog London Reconnections has more details and a few shots of the train in action.