Brockley runners

With the nights getting longer, local runner Memuna is looking for others to join her in runs around Brockley. She writes:

I'd be looking at running in Hilly Fields, Ladywell Fields - any of our local, easy to get to parks.
I do around 4-5 miles at 10 and a half minutes a mile as a regular - so I'm a very average runner.
I am already part of a running group which meets on Tuesday in Dulwich. That's great, but it would be wonderful to find runners locally so that I can do local runs too. I see lots of people running around Hilly Fields and the locality and presume that they, like me, enjoy running, but find running at night in the dark a less than inviting prospect.

The format would be to meet at an agreed point, agree the run route and set off with run rules being that no one is left behind or left alone.

If anyone reading this is interested, please email me here.