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With the nights getting longer, local runner Memuna is looking for others to join her in runs around Brockley. She writes:

I'd be looking at running in Hilly Fields, Ladywell Fields - any of our local, easy to get to parks.
I do around 4-5 miles at 10 and a half minutes a mile as a regular - so I'm a very average runner.
I am already part of a running group which meets on Tuesday in Dulwich. That's great, but it would be wonderful to find runners locally so that I can do local runs too. I see lots of people running around Hilly Fields and the locality and presume that they, like me, enjoy running, but find running at night in the dark a less than inviting prospect.

The format would be to meet at an agreed point, agree the run route and set off with run rules being that no one is left behind or left alone.

If anyone reading this is interested, please email me here.


Simone said...

Ooo yes please! I suggest just name a time and place to meet and see who turns up... if we started with just looping Hilly Fields different abilities wouldn't matter so much, people would be passing each other but basically be on the same path in the dark.

Then start up a Brockley Harriers group later in 2010 perhaps?

brockley swimmer said...

Great idea for a thread. Could we have one for swimmers? I go to Deptford pool several times a week and have been learning freestyle this year. With swimming it really helps to have others with you to provide feedback on technique. If anyone is interested, perhaps Nick could give us a thread of our own?

Unknown said...

I like the idea of the swimming one but maybe there could be a group that could help each other work out Deptford pool's confounded timetable.

Anytime I think about heading down there is a pretty good chance that its; ladies only, children only, schools only, pensioners only, or any other group in lewisham that needs to be an "only".

With Forest Hill down and my own probably misguided prejudice to places that have harboured legionnaires disease ala Ladywell, I might just have to forget about swimming and join the running group - its not ladies only is it?

Brockley Nick said...

If someone would like to put themselves forward as organiser for a swimming group, please send me your email and I'll create a thread.


Brockley swimmer said...

Nick, I will drop you a line.

Steve, the Deptford pool timetable is unfortunately usually a bit wrong and the staff there often don't have an exact idea of when the various sessions are meant to begin and end. However, it is a very clean and well-lit pool and during the week opens from 6.30am so that 30 minutes before work is very doable.

At weekends the timetable is again a bit odd but the lanes sessions tend to occur as advertised and the pool is rarely crowded, unlike many other pools I've been to.

Is anyone else interested? I should point out that I am in no way an expert and not looking to compete. I'm more interested in getting the tecchnique right as freestyle when done properly is very elegant and pleasant, and not at all the huffing, puffin and thrashing exercise it was when I was 'taught' it at school.

My experience has been, however, that the only way to learn it (or any other stroke) properly is to get feedback from others who know what to look for.


BenS said...

Great idea. If we could get a few of us together we might be able to mix and match with different running speeds. I work shifts so midweek's not so good for me but I'm often wishing I had a long run group on Sundays (I'd usually run them at 7.30-9 minute miles. Ish.)

Like Simone said, though, a few Hilly Fields loops might be a good way to start. Anyone for 10am on Saturday morning by the tennis courts?

graeme said...

Splendid idea. Hope it becomes something regular.

I'm up for loops of HF on Sat mornings until failure if the weather is not too good. (Sunny weather will probably see me out on my bike with the Dulwichers), although not having run for 6 months, I'd need to do the run/walk/run/walk thing for a bit until the agony subsides.

Anonymous said...

Running on wednesday evenings would be great for a mid week work-out?

Simone said...

Doh! Just realised Memuna's email address is in orginal post. Memuna, I've emailed you directly about times.

Memuna said...

Hi all interested runners. I think the suggestion - made by a couple of people - that we meet this Saturday morning up at Hillyfields by the tennis courts at 10am for an intial run to get to know each other and ascertain pace, distance, routes etc. is probably the best way forward.

A couple of us are more interested in running in the evening, rather than at weekends and there are some very different speeds, levels of enthusiasm etc but I think that we can probably best work out the fine detail by having an initial meeting.

So I'll be there.

Look forward to meeing whoever turns up.

And thanks Nick for sorting this out.

Memuna said...

For anyone who finds their motivation to run increases with the prospect of a race...

The Dulwich Runners have their annual 10k race for charity this sunday. It starts in Dulwich Park @10am and you can enter on the day if they haven't already reached their quota.

graeme said...

Won't be able to make the inaugural run of Brockley Harriers after all, as I'll be out on my bike this Saturday instead. I plan to make an appearance at some point though, so hope there's enough momentum to keep this going through winter.

Good luck all!

HH,Pete CSG 8.30 DPNC

Humber, Dogger, Tyne. One thousand and four. Rising slowly

memuna said...

courtesy of Simone - all brockley runners - current, potential or lapsed - have their own website where we can exchange info on routes, forthcoming runs etc. Thank v much Simone and thanks to everyone who turned up yesterday.

Headhunter said...

Nice to bump into you again yesterday, Graeme! Once again it took me a while to recognise you. When you 1st started calling over from the motorbike I thought you were about to have a go at me for cutting you up or something, or perhaps that you'd seen that I'd dropped something on the road, then I realised who it was! Didn't see your message above til today.

Gill said...

Hello Fellow Runners
I'm moving back to Brockley at the start of Feb and was wondering if you were still running? I'm really keen to maintain my running when I move back, but don't want to go alone when its still dark in the evenings. My average pace is also around 10 mins 30 sec / mile and I run 5 miles regularly (about 3 times a week).
If you're still running I'd love to come out and run with you.
Many thanks

running nutter said...

I like to run and live in Croften park. i'm training for the 2011London marathon right now so my runs are quite structured. I can't do sat mornings I'm afraid but if anyone is up for a LSR (15m+ 8.30/9/m) on sundays please let me know.

Related subject - a Brockley 10k proper event would be a great thing, and not 10 laps around HF. Is it possible?

Anonymous said...

Runners/joggers: how about wearing something a bit more visible in the dark? Taking out the earphones and generally being a little bit more aware of other people and less wrapped up in yourselves. And should you come across me ambling slowly around Hilly Fields in the evening with my dog how about not passing within a couple of inches, which makes me jump and scares the dog?

Anonymous said...

I will if do owners don't allow their dog to trip me up....and pick your poo up. Thanks awfully.

Anonymous said...

Running Nutter, I'm also training for the marathon. You seem to be nicely ahead of schedule if you're already running 15+ miles at a pace of 8.30 to 9. Are you going for a sub 4 hour time? GC

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

So we can conclude that dog ownners (not the dogs) need to be more considerate, as do the runners. Who'd have thunk it?

What radius should we leave around a moving dog on a narrow path?

Brockley Nick said...

This is like the "kids" v "kidless" in coffee shops debate. Utterly ridiculous.

Brockley Dogging Society said...

Dog-walkers + Joggers = Doggers

Can't we all learn to come together?

MissMorrow said...

Hi Brockley runners,

Does anyone know if this group still meets and, if so, where and when?

I tried to log into the ning but it wouldn't let me!

I'm really interested in meeting some other local runners for some motivation and conversation to make winter evening jogs more enticing!

Would love to hear about anything happening


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