Acting classes in Brockley

Brockley resident Lucy is an actor, thinking about setting-up drama classes in the area. She'd like to do a little market research first and sound out Brockley Central readers, to see how much interest there would be in the idea.

So, if you'd be interested in taking part, please let Lucy know via this thread.


Meanwhile, BC regular Michael, who works for a casting agency that specialises in casting 'real people', rather than classically-trained thespians, is looking for mums and dads aged between 20 and 40 and interested in working on November 4th and 5th for a Christmas commercial for Asda. You'll be paid £1,000 for the filming and a further £500 when the ad is aired. You must be able to pat your own bottom.

Given that Brockley is swarming with parents, where better for him to fish?

If you're interested, please email him here.