Acting classes in Brockley

Brockley resident Lucy is an actor, thinking about setting-up drama classes in the area. She'd like to do a little market research first and sound out Brockley Central readers, to see how much interest there would be in the idea.

So, if you'd be interested in taking part, please let Lucy know via this thread.


Meanwhile, BC regular Michael, who works for a casting agency that specialises in casting 'real people', rather than classically-trained thespians, is looking for mums and dads aged between 20 and 40 and interested in working on November 4th and 5th for a Christmas commercial for Asda. You'll be paid £1,000 for the filming and a further £500 when the ad is aired. You must be able to pat your own bottom.

Given that Brockley is swarming with parents, where better for him to fish?

If you're interested, please email him here.


Anonymous said...

Nick, I would pay good money to see you pat your bottom on an Asda ad. Please do it.

Moira said...

If you read this Lucy, you might like to get your students to prepare a piece for a performance during Brockley Max. Do get in touch - details on the B Max site.

Tyrwhitt Michael said...

I knew it - more anti-bachelorism.

I wanna be on the bill.. said...

Does Lucy have an idea of pricing yet?

Tamsin said...

For anyone reading this from the Telegraph Hill side of things who is interested in acting and TV production there's this I've copied from thehill website events:

From the team who brought you the Murder Mysteries...
A new soap for Telegraph Hill

MOVE OVER CORRIE, EASTIES and the ‘OAKS! Next March while the Telegraph Hill Festival is on you’ll be able to watch everyday on the web an episode of the brand new community soap Hilltoppers, brought to you by the team who created the wildly successful Telegraph Hill Murder Mysteries.

If you would like to be part of the volunteer crew - that’s camera operators, sound, lighting, continuity, props, costumes, editing, publicity, admin & general help, drop in to the Telegraph Hill Centre Lounge, Kitto Rd, SE14 5TY between 12.30 and 1.30pm on SATURDAY 24 OCTOBER 2009.

To audition for a part, come on the same day:
1.30pm—2.30pm: teenagers aged 13-16 2.30 – 3.30pm: adults
To register as an extra - all ages required from 2 to 80 - come from 3.30 – 4pm.
Experience not necessary but welcome! (and if you have a performing cat, we’d love to meet him or her...)

Hugh said...

A grand and a half?!

Anonymous said...

Cheaper than actors.

Supporting Artiste said...

Having been involved in this industry for a few years, let me tell you that the glamour soon goes (although marginally still better than having to wear a suit to work), and the chance of getting the gig is minimal. I've been put forward for thirty roles in telly and commercials in the last year and not got any of them. Casting agencies use the National Lottery's "It could be you!" hook, to attract seemingly every talentless wannabe onto their books to rake in the commission/take a 'book fee'.

PS I play a CSI on "The Bill" every now and again. It's pretty grim down at the studios, and any location work tends to take place on some dodgy housing estate. Most of the time you spend hanging around, bored, grazing on tea and biscuits. The principal "face-pullers" are quite funny though and reasonably friendly (for actors that is).

Brockley Nick said...

Acting training can be useful in terms of presentation skills for business. A lot of companies use actors to train their staff.

It can also be fun!

Anonymous said...

My mum went to a jumble sale in south london. Seeing people being served tea outside a hall she thought it was the jumble sale and joined the queue.

Having had her free tea and bun she discovered it was the canteen for the Bill on location.

mb said...

saw the cast of the bill having lunch at the cutty sark lots of good natured piss taking ensued

SA said...

Looks like a version of 'Hilltoppers' has been made before.

Channel 4 now

'The House on Telegraph Hill'

Oh the joys of being an impoverished,bored freelancer..

SA said...

make that Film4

MB2 said...

on the subject of performance art, does anyone know if there is a music rehearsal studio in brockley??

SA said...

BC Top Tip. Following on from anon 14:30 Mum's tale - If you ever see a location shoot around, (there'll be fluorescent arrows tied to lamp-posts with code initials such as QV for 'Stenders. Work it out), it's fairly possible to blag some free scran if you've got the chutzpah to go up to the catering wagon, and be prepared to tell them you're an SA if they ask (which they won't). Looking a bit gormless helps too.

M said...

They were shooting at Prendergast School in Hilly Fields a few weekends ago. It looked like a Bollywood thing from the costumes but I can't remember what the location arrows said now - not that it would mean much presumably.

JustDave said...

MB2 - I've not used it (we practice up in town) so no idea what it's like but I've come across this place when searching the web before

Anonymous said...

The wonderful Rivoli was used as a location on How To Look Good Naked last night.

Alex C. said...

MB2 - refering to JustDaves suggestion, I use Brockley studios to rehearse with my mate and have to say that its a great place... prices are better than anywhere else in the area and its clean too. The equipment is pretty good - line 6 and marshall guitar amps and so on.
There is also music complex in deptford but to be honest didn't really feel the love from these guys - pricey rooms, drinks and snacks - wasn't for me

Michael said...

For those interested in the Asda commercial, I'll probably only be putting about twenty people on tape, so the odds aren't too bad.

I think that it's a common misconception that every casting is like a cattle call. For each commercial we work on the average amount of actors we will see is 20. It's much better to keep it compact and work with people properly rather than seeing hundreds of hopefuls and not giving them much time to impress.

So if you're interested get in touch. It'll only take five minutes of your time.

Anonymous said...

AND anti-spinsterism!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does it have to be real families? I could pretend to be a dad, then pop into Asda for my weekly shop of microwave cheeseburger, FHM mag and pack of bog rolls as usual.

Tamsin said...

This request cropped up on thehill forum board and until prompted by Martin I did not make the connection.

"Oakill Nursery dad's group (Oakhill Nursery, Walbutton Rd, Telegraph Hill SE14) has received funding for a one-off drama project.

We are looking for someone with past experience in getting a small group of complete novices to do a public perfcormance. We are open to ideas but have discussed scripting our own play or dramatising a childrens book.

We want to do something that benefits our children whether that is learning together as fathers, communicating at a child's level, etc etc and we do want to perform to them.

Our funding must be used by March 2010; it seems sensible to try and tie this in with the Telegraph Hill Festival.

We have £1000, but could consider fundraising or relying on ticket sales. We expect most of this money to be spent on someone who can direct and produce us.

We don't mind what your background is as long as you have skills in doing this. You could teach drama, be a drama student, artistic director, bored actor.

Please call Martyn on 0777 9555 968 to discuss or reply below. We need to select someone quite soon.


Lucy, do you want to get in touch?

Are you also interested in drama work (unpaid, alas, but congenial and making connections) in the Telegraph Hill Festival.

Planning meeting next Monday, 30th, at 8pm in the Telegraph Hill Centre.

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