Tales of the Big Smoke

Dan Brown writes sentences like: "The famous man looked at the red cup."
- Stewart Lee

Stephen Emms, a writer who once documented a Brockley bench for Time Out, has embarked on his latest exciting project - a serialised saga set in London, which will run weekly on the Big Smoke Blog.

It's a great idea, although we hope it's more Bonfire of the Vanities than Tales of City (the most disappointing book we've ever read). You can read part 1 here and part 2 here.

We've agreed to give it a plug on the basis that his plot must reach Brockley soon and that when it does, it deals in the trials and tribulations of the beautiful people struggling to calculate the profits from their soaring house prices and secure the best table at SE4's most fashionable gastro pubs, rather than honey trap murders and illegal parking problems.