Brockley crime levels revealed

Crime levels in Brockley are varied, with some places seeing increases and others seeing decreases according to the new national CrimeMapper website.

The site uses police forces' figures to present a real-time view of crime around the country, and enables users to compare different areas. The figures for SE4 are mixed.

The level of crime in Brockley is average compared to other Metropolitan Police areas, but declining - the three-month average fell by 7.8% year-on-year. However the level of burglaries was above average, and rose 34% year-on-year. There was a peak in January and February, and levels have risen again in the last couple of months.
Brockley is also above avarage for robberies, although still at a very low level. Violent crime is above average but has fallen year-on-year.

Figures for Telegraph Hill show a rise in crimes of 11.6% year-on-year. In particular there was a peak in burglaries in July. But there is some good news for residents of the hill - vehicle crime is below average compared to other Metropolitan Police areas.

In Crofton Park, burglaries, violent crimes and anti-social behaviour incidents all rose year-on-year, but were still average in comparison to other Met Police areas.

Crime in Ladywell was up year-on-year, particularly burglary and robbery. But levels were still average compared to other Met Police areas.

NB. The website is flooded with users at the moment, so you may find it is running very slowly or unreliably for a while.