Brockley artists strike again!

Some of you may have noticed the new mosaic being created outside Brockley Station. It's shaping up beautifully, and depicts cherry blossom.

The three-metre-long artwork is being designed and installed by local residents Capture Arts in association with the Broca and BEEP (the Broca's Everyone's Enterprising Project) and the Brockley Cross Action Group.
They are planning to create similar mosaics in Crofton Park and Blythe Hill.

The work is still ongoing - the organisers anticipate two more days of grouting and they are appealing for a half dozen volunteers with steady hands and if possible, tiling experience to help out. People must be physically able to kneel or crouch steadily for up to an hour at a time. Anyone with an interest in helping design the rest of the wall is also invited to pop along for a chat.

An offical opening ceremony and tea party will take place in late November when the other mosaics are in place.

BC will post up some pics soon!