The Albany Theatre, Deptford: Disco Dayz

Did you just let Screech in the club? I'm waiting in line and you just let Screech in the club?
- Ricky, Made

Disco Dayz is a monthly disco for under 7s that takes place at The Albany Theatre as part of their Family Sundays programme.

Running for three hours from 2-5pm, we were fearful that it would be a tape loop of the Tweenies, but the play list is mercifully adult, with everything from Gilles Peterson to Air, it's by far the most credible club night we've been to in about five years.

The Albany was tricked out like a Legoland Clapham Grand, with child-friendly psychedelics, smoke machines, bean bags and glow sticks.

At five quid a head for anyone above toddling age, it isn't especially cheap but it's closer in feel to a children's party than a disco, with games, conga lines and an ending borrowed from Whirl-Y-Gig: the kids lie on their backs while a parachute is fluctuated above their heads to a Moby soundtrack.

Most of the adults present were dancing unselfconsciously, meaning that we were able to bequeath our best moves to our son before he got too old to know any better. Having said that, be warned, we spotted two other Brockleyites on the dance floor and at one point one of them pulled up to us and said: "Your credibility is blown forever."

The next Disco Dayz is November 1st. Check The Albany website for details closer to the time.


M said...

You've just given me a flashback...

Anonymous said...

I've heard about this, what sort of age were the youngest children? Not sure my son is old enough yet.

Brockley Nick said...

There were 1 year olds taking part and enjoying themselves, but obviously they need a lot of supervision! I'd say the average age was 4.

Anonymous said...

I second everything that Nick says. I found the lady with the mic quite shrill and felt quite relieved when she had a break. My under 2-year-old enjoyed himself more than my 4-year-old, but he did need constant supervision as he kept getting himself knocked over by flailing arms. I thought 'Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me' wasn't the most suitable tune. but I've been to many a wedding disco with a far inferior playlist! I noticed that at least some of the tunes were dodgy cover versions of the originals, though - the kind they play in Matalan and stuff (is that because of licensing or something?).

Brockley Nick said...

Anon - yes, there were some dodgy cover versions in there!

I didn't mind the MC - tough job marshalling kids over the sound of records playing.

Transpontine said...

Sounds good... sadly kids soon think they are too old to let their parents dance anywhere need them so make the most of it! I remember those Whirl-Y-Gig parachute moments - at Shoreditch Town Hall when I used to go - with great fondness. It put me in touch with my inner hippy!

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