Brockley Common: The community takes over

The Brockley Cross Action Group has sent out an appeal to local people to help it reclaim Brockley Common.

The group of volunteers plans to take the benighted project over now that the council's involvement is completed, and is asking us all to pitch in and help.

Here's the email from vice-chair Rupert King:

"As you will have seen by now the new steps, ramp and paving to Brockley Common have been completed, with only a few bits and pieces to be finished off. This work was overseen by the Lewisham Highways Dept and undertaken by their contractor F.M. Conways.

"Brockley Cross Action Group (BXAG) has been waiting patiently in the wings for the works to be completed, so we can get back on the Common and get stuck in! We want to reclaim the Common as the community-led project it was always meant to be! Now at last we have our chance!

"BXAG has made a successful bid for funding from the Lewisham Mayor's fund. As partial match funding BXAG have contributed money that we have raised from our fundraising activities for the Common. So we now have a fighting fund to start work on the replanting of the new banks on either side of the ramp. Once again we aim to create an exciting, bold and colourful planting scheme for Brockley Common, which is going to need alot of community involvement if we are to succeed. More information about the overall plan will follow.

"But we need to start with the basics. The banks desperately need weeding. Once this work is complete we shall employ a contractor to erect proper temporary fencing around the planting areas, to prevent people walking all over them. then we shall get compost delivered and mixed into the soil to improve it, followed by some surface bark mulch to prevent more weed growth. This will ensure the beds are ready for planting early next year.

"To start this whole process we have arranged a CLEAN UP DAY on SUNDAY 1st NOVEMBER, 2.00-4.00. This will be mainly to carry out the weeding and any litter picking. Meet at the Broca Cafe, We will provide all tools, gloves and plastic bags, Just bring warm clothing and some very stout footwear! We will stop at 4.00 so we can get some refreshments at the Broca - BXAG will be buying, so I hope you can stay for coffee, cake and a chat!
"I do hope you can make it - we need a good turn out, which will make the weeding so much easier to sort out."