Light blue touchpaper and withdraw

Here is a story about prejudice that reinforces several other prejudices about Christian fundamentalists, Council workers and lawyers.

Pink News reports that:

"A Christian council worker who was sacked for sending a homophobic email is suing her former employers.

"Denise Haye, 25, worked at Lewisham Council’s legal services department.

Last September, she used her work email address to send an email to Rev Sharon Ferguson, head of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement.
She wrote that Rev Ferguson should be "ashamed" of herself and that homosexuality was "not normal" and a sin. Citing the importance of repenting in the "last days", Haye added, in capitals, "the wages of sin is death".

The email was raised with Lewisham Council and Haye is now taking Lewisham Council to court for unfair dismissal. She was suspended for six months and then dismissed.

Her 'case' is based on the notion that as she sent the email 'out of hours', she should be entitled to express her own opinions. The time she sent the email? 4.59pm.

Her lawyer is from the Christian Legal Centre and thinks that if her views are based on religious teachings she's free to abuse whom she pleases.

Lewisham Council has said it cannot comment while the case is ongoing.