Savoy Truffle Supperclub, Blackheath [updated]

Blackheath's best restaurant is a small living room in a flat in Pond Road, the Cater Estate - otherwise known as the Savoy Truffle Supperclub.

The pop-up restaurant launched in early 2009 and opens 2-3 times most weeks, seating 16 people at three tables. Having garnered positive reviews early in its life, it's regularly booked out and getting a reservation is like getting a 9 o'clock at Dorsia. The house is registered with the Council as a food business with an environmental health certificate.

We went last night and had a fantastic night, joining two other couples at one of the tables near the kitchen.

The menu consisted of a Bloody Mary soup, followed by risotto, Dolly Parton beef (cooked from 9-5) with horseradish mash, sticky toffee pudding and coffee and brownies to finish. Every course was utterly delicious. At a fixed price of £37-a-head, it's not particularly cheap, but as they're unlicensed, the bring-your-own-bottle policy (a tasty red from Degustation) helps to keep the price down.

The people we met over dinner were great company and the shared experience makes conversation easy. The chef, who was a journalist until about 18 months ago and trained at the Acorn House in Kings Cross, came and sat with us after the meal. He and his partner hope to open a restaurant and - based on last-night's experience - we wish them well. If nothing else, Blackheath could do with a great restaurant. For an area of its wealth and profile, it punches way below its weight in terms of dinner options. Until then, the Supperclub is a great alternative, if you can get in.

Starting this blog was like boarding Oceanic flight 815 - we are now unable to escape SE4. So inevitably, we discovered that one of the couples on our table lived round the corner from us in Brockley.

Sharing a taxi home, we took the opportunity to plug the site (BC: never knowingly undersold) to our new friends.

"Oh right, the blogspot thing?" said the woman. "You certainly get your fair share of weirdos on there, don't you."

Yes we do. And we love each and every one of you.


fabhat said...

You can easily do a health and safety course/certificate and if one of the people running it is an ex chef, he probably has that already.

The Savoy supper club has had some great reviews, so I think we're quite lucky to have it in Sarf London

love detective said...

£37-a-head to get your tea at someone's house!

Headhunter said...
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graeme said...

In this case, though, I think it's a good way of testing the water, before you go head first into sinking all your hard-earned into a risky restaurant. Seems like a sensible idea if you ask me.

Sad single Brockleyite said...

HH must have come up with that comment by Sheer Luck if you ask me.

No doubt more anti-batchelor/spinsterness going on, I bet they only take couples!

Perhaps we should have a Brockley Central Singles night up there?

tyrwhitt ali said...

I'm incredibly jealous Nick went. I've been wanting to go for ages but needed to find a friend willing to come out to Blackheath for dinner!

Anonymous said...

16 x £37, £592, not bad for an evenings work

graeme said...

Yes. They get their ingredients for free by dumpster-diving after hours round the back of Tesco.

You can knock off £150-£200 spend from that £597 figure for the food. Factor in the cost of kitchen and dining hardware, linen and glassware, and you could be left with say £350. Not bad (and probably better than working as a bog-standard journalist), but not excessive, especially if two people are involved. Then again, you could earn that on a good Saturday night driving a black cab if you get a touch.

Anonymous said...

But all that money spent learning the Knowledge.

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