Brockley Station: Improvements to north bound platform might wait until 2015

People always ask why a great deal of time and money was spent making the east side of Brockley Station accessible when the west side is completely useless for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

The answer is that a programme of works is planned, which will make that platform accessible eventually. TfL are in charge of the programme, which is one of the benefits of the East London Line coming to Brockley.

Back in February last year we learned that this work wouldn't begin until 2012 at the earliest:

Transport for London has today confirmed that Brockley Station will be made "accessible" as part of the DfT’s £370 million Access for All programme. This means that wheelchair access will be possible for both platforms, although unfortunately, this work is not scheduled until 2012 at the earliest.

Now, the Lib Dem's prospective candidate for Lewisham Deptford, Tam Langley, has established that the work might not be completed until 2015. A letter from TfL lists Brockley and Honor Oak as stations that will be completed in "tranche 3" of the programme, which is due for completion by 2015.

Given the current state of TfL finances, we shouldn't expect work to finish much earlier than it has to.


Anonymous said...

Do it properly, or don't do it at all?

Nux said...

What's really annoying is that now the giant ramp has opened, they have locked the side gate - so what was once accessible has now become not accessible because you have to go up and down the stupid platform stairs! *growls and hefts pushchair irritably*

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Bit of a shame all the mung money was spent on the other side then. Where there was a ramp.

Anonymous said...


You should still be able to use the sidegate from Platform 2 by pressing the call button. It was out of action for just over a week recently (apparently locked in place through mechanical fault which defeated the first engineer to be called out), but was fixed by last weekend.

patrick1971 said...

As Anon says, why not just do it properly? Why only fund half an accessible station? Weird.

MB said...

It's not unusual (as Tom Jones used to say) for several different projects with different funding and different timescales to finally arrive at a complete solution. The ELL for example had already built in some railway gizmos in anticipation of the ELL Phase 2 being agreed - saved money.

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