Ladywell: CPZ on its way

Following a survey of local residents, Lewisham Council highways department is proposing to create a controlled parking zone (CPZ) around Ladywell Station.

The news has been announced by councillor Sue Luxton. According to Sue's blog there were 620 respondents.

She writes:
'In the area where support for a CPZ was high, 298 questionnaires were returned, which represents a 27% response rate. Out of these 298 respondents, 199 (67%) were in favour and 99 (33%) were against the proposed CPZ.
'Algernon Road, Marsala Road, Malyons Road, Gillian Street and Ellerdale Street were clearly in favour, while Embleton, Ermine, Algiers, Veda, Brookbank and all the siblings off Ladywell Road (Francemary, Arthurdon, Phoebeth) were clearly against. More marginal areas included Vicar's Hill, Chudleigh Road and Adelaide Avenue.
'... With Ladywell Road, the proposals is just to include the section from the station to Adelaide Avenue. Most of those opposed in this area were shopkeepers who are understandably reluctant to pay for the business parking permits.'

According to Sue, the highways department will be writing to local residents to explain the plans, and it must also conduct a statutory consultation.
More information about the detailed survey results is available on Sue's blog via the above link.

Edit: Thanks to BC reader Pete for drawing our attention to this update!