Cinema returns to Hither Green, 18th October

Sunday 18th October 2009

14:00 – 22:00

Firemasters Warehouse, 174-176 Hither Green Lane, entrance on Lanier Rd

BC regular Max Calo is helping to organise a one-off celebration of cinema in Hither Green this Sunday, in support of a former Cinema threatened with demolition.

He writes:

After more than 50 years a cinema comes back to Hither Green, it's
only for a day but it's a great community building exercise.

We had a geat response so far and we're expecting this to be a success. We are trying to rescue the former Park Cinema (aka Kidz Korner) from demolition, so that it can be turned in to an Art and Community Centre -
if all the stars align correctly it could be done.

We have a purpose built performance space at the heart of a dwindling high street that's screaming to be transformed into a multi-purpose Arts and Community centre. It would rescue Hither Green Lane from its decline and make an enormous difference to the quality of life of all residents that currently live in an environment that is a cultural desert.

After a first stage of campaigning against the developer's proposal we are now in a propositive stage, we set us up formally as an association with the aim of promoting cultural events in the area with a view of establishing an Arts and Community Centre and this is our first outing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Nick!

sonofagun said...

At the moment there Is posters up,And a sign saying It is going to be a 99p shop,maybe that's just a short lease thing.

Anonymous said...

That's everyone's hope.
The man needs cash, he's not a big developer that can afford to sit on it waiting for better times.

I have been in touch with him and he'd sell it to us, he only wants to get away with the money he spent.
We've involved the Council and in the past few days a potential private investor also contacted us and may be interested in supporting.
The games are pretty much open.

Anonymous said...

By the way, we set us up as an association that aims at establishing an Arts and Community Centre in Hither Green but not one specifically there.

We're working on the Kids Korner, but should the deal not happen we'd still look for alternatives. It's partly about a building that's in a strategic position but also because the area does need a space for arts and culture.

This year more than half of the Mayor's Fund for Lewisham Central remained unspent for the reason that there were no takers. A pretty powerful social indicator of many lacking ingredients for a functioning society.

sonofagun said...

Just someone else trying to make a fast buck,and to hell with the consequences,Bet there was no provision for parking in his proposal,Just like the Timber Yard in Springbank rd,Pity this cant be classed as a listed building.

Unknown said...

I just wondered where are you now regards old kids korner. I tryed making contact with the owner, sounds like he does not speak English. Does he want to sell on. I am an artist, and might be in a position to take on a long lease. I have experience in the past with type of thing. Are there any other posibilities of working spaces within this area. Thanks for comments. Stephen.

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