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In ancient times... Hundreds of years before the dawn of history, lived a strange race of people... the Druids. No one knows who they were or what they were doing. But their legacy remains. Hewn into the living rock... Of Stonehenge.
- Spinal Tap

The application to demolish most of the WP Stone site on Tyrwhitt Road has been approved. We've written about the proposals here, but the summary on the Lewisham Planning website is as follows:

The demolition of the existing building of W. P. Stone Ltd, adjacent to 1 Tyrwhitt Road (also known as 2a Pretoria Parade) SE4 and the construction of a three storey building, plus basement and roof space, comprising 6, two bedroom, self-contained flats and 2, two bedroom, self-contained maisonettes, together with associated landscaping and provision of refuse/cycle stores and a car parking space.

Thanks to Bob for reminding us.


Tyrwhitt Michael said...

And not forgetting my 2 posts on the Death and Restoration thread on the subject.....

Although everyone clearly does seem to have forgotten them.

Potentially quite a contaminated site; industrial use, asbestos roof etc I suspect the applicants will sell on to a professional developer although finding one in the current market may be difficult

Brockley Nick said...

I hadn't forgotten them TM, your posts were an inspiration to me - as they always are. I should have done more to recognise that publicly, apologies.

Tyrwhitt Michael said...

Forgot to say your metaphor is quite apt; the company W P Stone in now in liquidation.

Anonymous said...

Is there still money to be made out of turning shops and pubs and just about anything else into tiny flats with no extra parking space?

o said...

Who knows but the developers appear to believe there is.

About "car free" housing my experience shows it's not an ideal that meets reality often.

Anonymous said...

Strange If It has been granted with less parking spaces

Anonymous said...

The officers who grant these things do not live in the area (probably because they cannot afford to)- and so don't give a damn!

Tressilliana said...

Unnecessarily snide, anon! I don't know if he's still there but I used to know the Head of Planning at Lewisham and he lived only a few streets from Tyrwhitt Road. I know of another senior planning official (different borough) who lives on the Ladywell side of Hilly Fields. So amazingly there are senior people with responsible jobs in the public sector who have been able to afford to buy houses in SE4/SE13. No doubt there should be some law against this.

Comment said...

A seperate but related issue.

The rudeness and cynicism expressed towards Planning is as a result of their abysmal communications with the public in general.

Decisions are made in a fashion that leaves people frustrated.

e.g They'll write to you to tell you that a development is happening and how you can register how this will effect you. You'll spend time writing a detailed letter. You'll get a form response back. Then the next you hear is the hammering as works begin.

It turns out that the matter was a "standard issue" and that decisions like these are just approved. Fine but why not state this upfront.

Again a lack of transparency or is it honesty? about the process.

This sort of thing happens time and time again. We hear the stories about developers who not unlike Irish European referenda pollsters know that they can wear down the planning dept by submitting repeated proposals until they get the response they like.

These may just be stories but the way the council Planning behaved over the Brockley common works, fair enough plans go wrong but a large part of the irritation with the project was the "abysmal communication" .

It was only after weeks of delays and the farcical muddy slope that finally had some communication - the laminated, unsigned note tied to the metal railings about what was going on.


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