Business crime in Lewisham falls

Business crime in Lewisham fell by in 2011, as part of a downward trend across the capital.

There were 2267 burglaries, robberies or cases of theft recorded in 2011, compared with 2611 the year before - a fall of 13.2%. The numbers exclude arson, which is probably just as well. The decline across London in the same period was 3.4%.

Figures provided by the Mayor of London's office.


creepylesbo said...

Don't be fooled. They just tweak the figures. Burglaries often get reclassified as criminal damage, and robberies are 'theft and assault'. It just means someone has been told to downgrade serious crime figures.

Brockley Nick said...

Be interested if you had those alternative numbers?

Anonymous said...

presumably theft and assult have gone up, as has criminal damage?

If things we're always worse than the 'old days' (as has been the whinge since about forever)we would all be murdered before we hit 12.

Anonymous said...

I had understood that the coalition were using statistics far more responsibly than new labour ever did and have taken a hit on some things to improve reporting methodology and transparency...

Anonymous said...

I have a property that was damaged in an attempt to gain entry. The civilian who turned up from the local police 3 days later said she had it down as vandalism or criminal damage. I pointed out the broken jemmy stuck in one of my windows and she agreed to change it to attempted burglary.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to what the tabloids say we have never been safer, especially the kids.

Tamsin said...

Possibly safer in the 1930s and immediately after the war. Many more young men carry dangerous weapons now than they have done since Victorian times if not before and there is always the risk of being caught in the cross fire of the subject of mistaken identity.

Anonymous said...

That an assertion or a fact tamsin?

Matt-Z said...

Do these results include all the damage, theft etc done during the riots, or has that been categorised elsewhere?

If the former it's quite significant that there's been a drop in London, despite a serious and prolonged episode of major public disorder.

Anonymous said...

Many things are possible Tamsin.

Don't forget the political and race riots in the 30s and 50s.

While thousands are killed each year in the US I'd bet those caught in the cross fire or the subject of mistaken identity in the UK are few and are between.

Tamsin said...

A fact in part - the murder rate for the combined boroughs of Lewisham and Deptford was less in the 1950s than it was in recent years although I haven't got the precise years which were compared or the actual figures to hand on this computer.

The statement about more young men carrying knives now than at any time since the Victorian era or before is assertion so I should probably have qualified it as such but it is, I think, a reasonable one.

Acknowleged that people were injured in Cable Street and the like (about 175 according to Wikipedia) but it was from cudgels and fisticuffs (a deliberately old-fashioned term). One did not have "knife-crime" as a concept or a problem as it is in this current time.

People do get caught up in things. As I recall one of the recent stabbings was a case of mistaken identity or just casual thuggery and there was that Swedish (or was she Danish?) student killed a couple of years ago in New Cross Road.

Anonymous said...

This is of course utter nonesense and creepylesbo knows it. My neighbour informed me that there had been an attempted burglary at my home which he prevented by calling the police. The police did respond quickly and caught the youths. That was Christmas. Have I heard anything from the police?

NAT said...

18:58, What's that got to do with how crime is classified?

I cant see the connection.

Anonymous said...

So based on one event (your break in) you can confidently assert that this "is all nonsense" that's nonsense.

Anonymous said...

You can look at the crime figures here:

And in even more detail here.

Boris seems to be defining business crime as
shoplifting, theft, burglary and robbery in businesses

So now you can either look at the numbers yourself, and make an informed decision, or listen to an anecdote.

Plus there is a little more info on the press release here.

Anonymous said...

So much better in the past?

Sure was, London neighbourhoods were ruled by gangsters and those pillars of the community only hurt their 'own'....and any local businessmen who did not pay protection money.

I know this to be true because it said so in a film about the Krays.

In the 1930s you, of course, had young gangsters organising mass razor fights at the racecourse. Depicted vividly in the original file 'Brighton Rock'.

After WW2 a lot of servicmen arrived back in the UK with souvenir weapons. A villain of mean intent would have found it far easier to become 'tooled' up.

Of course, they were very circumspect how the used them because the death penalty hanging over them and the redoubtable Dixon of Dock Green to contend with.

Done to death by Dirk Bogarde in 'The Blue Lamp', he was.

I suspect that there are many around here whose education about crime in decades past has not been informed by the wealth of old British film Noire movies made during that those times which described the villainy that pervaded the land.

I have little faith in the public services like the Police to honestly classify and report on statistics that reflect their performance.

Skewing the statistics with elastic definitions is just too tempting.

terrencetrentderby said...

bring back borstal, prison should be like the film scum

that'll learn them

Anonymous said...

Here lies another murdered thread...

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