Crofton Park Library volunteer needed

Crofton Park Library is looking for some one to lead their singing session for pre-schoolers.

Allison Davis, the library manager says:

"Crofton Park Library has hosted an Under 5's half hour of story-time, sing-a-long and colouring for many years. A number of volunteers, including Gwen and Belinda have been leading the group since becoming a Community Library at the end of May 2011.

"The mums/dads and toddlers enjoy the half hour, with some staying on afterward, playing, reading and colouring. Many mums/dads borrow books for themselves and their young ones. Unfortunately, due to changing circumstance, Belinda, our current Under 5's Leader, has decided to move on. Anyone reading this who is interested in taking over from Belinda, please contact or visit the library and talk to me."


Anonymous said...

Great to see! Shows how much our community run libraries want to be at the heart of our communities! Shame on all the doomsayers who actually want this to fail!

ohlittlecloud said...

Hello, I would love to know more!

Anonymous said...

What day is this on?

Ian on the Hill said...

@anonymous - I think most of us would rather like our communities to have effective libraries that are free to all and well resourced. Sort of why we think they should continue to be publicly funded and staffed. You know, like a proper public service.

Kudos to everyone keeping the library running,and I say that with no irony or sarcasm, but we shouldn't be dependent on a few people giving up their precious time for no remuneration. Look at the problem caused here when one person has to drop out.

Anonymous said...

Ian, that would be a lovely idea, Ian, but unfortunately not one the government agrees with, so they have cut funding to local government, so local government has to find other ways to get this stuff done.

I don't agree with it, but Lewisham have actually done something about it rather than just shutting things and they deserve praise not condemnation for doing so.

In fact, the knee jerk "never shut a library or you are a Nazis" reaction of some of our local "campaigners" is awfully naive given the situation that the council has found themselves in.

babistic baby said...

It's on Thursday, they are looking for.

I volunteer running the baby bounce song session at 11.00 till 11.30 on Fridays at Crofton Park Libary and we are looking for some extra people to lead the session. I run a business and a mum myself so I can't commit to every week.

Traditional nursery rhymes and actions. It's a really good crowd of parents, grandparents/ carers and babies / toddlers. Very supportive too.

Any one interested in helping?



Anonymous said...

sorry I'm confused. Is the session Thursdays or Fridays?

babistic baby said...

It's Thursday for the under 5's session and I am asking as well for the Baby Bounce for some extra people to be involved.

THNick said...

I used the lovely new Deptford library the other day - are all the books there brand new or was I just lucky with the 6 I took out? Given this was replacing the previous library, was it really necessary to buy all those books?

PS Unless there's only one under 5 who attends, I think there's some work needed on apostrophes.

Anonymous said...

For a library, I was struck by how few serious books there actually were in the new Deptford library.

It also seems to have little provision for people to sit and read or study. The new library at Canada Water is far better appointed in this respect.

What is left of our libraries seem to being turned into entertainment facilities of young children and toddlers.

Lady in the Well said...

If children and toddlers aren't encouraged to read and go to libraries then in the future there won't be any 'serious books'or libraries.

Ian on the Hill said...

@anon (1 of you, 2 of you?). I'm not attacking the Council's decision to cut libraries rather than, say, social care)nor the local efforts to keep it running )if I wasn't in employment I may be one of those doing it), but I DO despise that this derives from the pointless dogma-driven attacks by the Tories on anything that snacks of public service, all the time hiding behind the lie about the need for austerity.

SO the problem is to what extent is volunteering in these capacities just shoring up the Tory fraud of 'Big Society'?

And yes, more of the ongoing trend towards bookless buildings masquerading as libraries is obvious in the new Deptford library.

Anonymous said...

Those toddlers had better be from nice families that encourage education, have a house full of books and a place for their youngsters to study.

If they are from a poor family that does not have these things, they cannot now rely on a public library to provide that space for learning outside of school.

The fact that the under fives have another place to play has little relevance to a young teen with nowhere to do their homework.

Southwark seem to have the right balance at the new library at Canada Water but Lewisham seem to have lost the plot.

Anonymous said...

Er, anon above, have you not noticed the new and refurbed facilities in Deptford, Manor House, Downham? All as good as Canada Water. Lewisham libraries are very good. Sadly there is a strain of opinion in the borough that gets listened to by the press that will never accept this, so the council are on a hiding to nothing

Anonymous said...

Deptford library is not study friendly. It is a kids playground.

Canada Water has tries to balance the two.

Manor House, Downham? I reserve judgement pending an independent review...anyone?

Anonymous said...

jake said...

too noisy to study,the Library's not big enough to contains alot a big crowd. Not a queit place to do homework.

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