All your base are belong to us

Brockley Central's mind-controlling lizard-army has been busy placing subliminal messages in popular culture. Firstly, on Rokeby Road, Olly Murs planted the idea that racial harmony is synonymous with the Big Yellow storage company (1.04).

Then (spotted by Transpontine) French singer June Caravel suggested that Sarkozy's aspirations for the city of London are entirely benign by whimsically singing about quirky street names in London, including Darling Road, SE4 (1.36).

The final piece of the jigsaw fell into place today, when Laura Westcott, our woman on the inside at The Times wrote that the way to 'Look and Feel Your Best for 2012' was to get your wonky teeth fixed with Invisalign by Brockley dentists L. Ziman & Associates.

Happy new year *eat Soylent Green* to you all.