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Polychromatic Spray

The Coulgate Street murals have been the subject of much debate since plans were revealed to redevelop the MOT centre on Brockley Road. We love them and the role they have played in defining Brockley. We wouldn't stand in front of the bulldozers for them, but there has to be room in Brockley for big colourful splodges of joy. When and if they go, we hope something equally happy will appear somewhere nearby. In the mean time, here's a film of their creation. 

Who's the Mother Flippin?

Constructive feedback for Brockley Market's Mother Flippers on a top burger blog.

Near Dark

The Brockley Society is hosting its annual free party for local seniors on Saturday February 11th from 2-5pm in the Social Club on the corner of Foxberry and Brockley Road.

All local seniors are welcome to come along for free tea and cakes; entertainment, and useful information.

If you would like to help out by making sandwiches or cakes, serving or clearing up on the day, collecting and dropping people off, or just chatting to people, please contact Kate at

Hardback Mountain

Bring & Buy Book Sale for Crisis & New Cross People's Library, Sat 28 January 2-5pm, Telegraph Hill Centre, SE14 5TY.

Paperbacks generally five for £1 and most hardbacks £1 or £2. Varied selection sorted for
easy browsing


TC said...

What about the music at the Talbot?

NAT said...

Theres some music at The Talbot next Wedendsday.

Los Corrs a Spanish 'Corrs' tribute band.

Or 'Lost Chords', anyone know anything?

Anonymous said...

@Nick "the role they have played in defining Brockley" - past tense.

Moira said...

I have such fond memories of organising the painting of the murals by Known, and of putting the film together. Less fond was when we redid the Bob Marley mural and were accosted on a few occasions by beefy guys in flash cars concerned that Bob was going to disappear!

Monkeyboy said...

I can imagine Christmas at Anons house. "sorry Gran, you may well have defined our past but thats the cats chair" before tipping her onto the compost heap.

Keep them if we can or winkle out some dosh for new ones. Thanks awfully. While we're at it get them to fund a Hilly Fields final day that the Brockley Max couldn't stretch too last year. When thats sorted, cut my hedge.

Anonymous said...

First created as part of the Brockley Max Festival of course.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 12.03 - No. They are still part of Brockley and if they can be recreated they will reamain so.

Anonymous said...

It looked better before!

Anonymous said...

The portrait of Maya Angelou is gawd-awful.

It would be better if it were redone.

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