Fry: I don't get it. Is blernsball exactly the same as baseball? 
Farnsworth: Baseball?? God forbid! 
Leela: Face it Fry. Baseball was as boring as mom and apple pie. That's why they jazzed it up.
- Futurama

Rachel from the Friends of Hilly Fields confirms that cricket will return to Hilly Fields for the first time since the 1980s this summer, a year later than originally planned when work began on a new cricket square. She says:

Millfield Cricket Club has been awarded the contract to be the resident cricket club for Hilly Fields.

Their Captain Tom Collis has contacted the Friends. They will work with the council to develop the new ground and clubhouse / changing facilities over the coming month and promote cricket in the community. They will start playing in the coming 2012 season. They are on the look out for new players and opponents. They can be contacted by email at:


TM said...

Let us hope the new cafe is up and running in time to supply us with cucumber sandwiches and upside down cakes. Oh and lashings of Lemonade.


Anonymous said...

Are they still advertising for a £60k lawn mower?

Anonymous said...

A women's team too please

Anonymous said...

Excellent news - love watching cricket!

Mb said...

Don't particularly like cricket but glad it's coming. Look forward to the BDS putting up a team.

Anon said...

Anon @ 10.48 having talked to a member of Millfields I understand they would welcome other teams sharing the pitch. So get out there and organise the women of Brockley.

Perhaps some of the BM mummies would be interested!

Anonymous said...

Cricket embodies some of the best of British culture; welcome all cricket lovers and hope to see crowds at games.

Anonymous said...

Great - where will the clubhouse exactly? Exciting!

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