Is Hither Green more suburban than Brockley?

Hither Greenies have reacted with indignation on Twitter to the suggestion on last night's Location, Location, Location that their area is more suburban than Brockley.

We'd argue that it is - although whether that is a good or bad thing is a matter of opinion. Hither Green is further out, zone 3 rather than zone 2, without an ELL connection. Hither Green feels sleepier and cosier than Brockley, with fewer local venues, more houses and fewer flats. While we share Catford and Lewisham as neighbours, Hither Green is bounded by quiet Lee and genteel Blackheath, whereas we border New Cross and Deptford, which are neither quiet nor genteel. While Brockley has its fair share of young families, Hither Green seems to be exclusively populated by them.

Seems like an open and shut case to us, but if anyone wants to put an alternate view, let's hear it.