New parking restrictions planned across the area

Lewisham Council is planning to introduce a number of new parking restrictions in the area, seemingly to improve sight lines and access for pedestrians and cyclists. We were sent the list by Alison, who lives on Ewhurst Road and is a little puzzled by the plans to restrict parking near Ladywell Fields, which she says will cost a few spaces for seemingly little benefit.

If the plans go ahead, there will be no waiting at any time at:

- Bovill Rd both sides within 1m of Gabriel Street south kerb line
- Brockley Rise east side within 10m of junction Lowther Hill
- Brockley View east side 5m length at Blythe Hill Fields path access point opposite junction Duncombe Hill
- Courthill Road southwest side adjacent to either side of traffic island outside 128 and 156 Courthill Road
- Crofton Park Rd west side 41m length spanning Sevenoaks Road access point opposite junction Ewhurst Road
- Crofton Prak Road east side within 21m north and 16,m south of junction Ewhurst Road
- Ewhurst Road both sides within 5m of junction Crofton Park Road
- Ewhurst Road east side 7.5m length at Ladywell Fields path access point adjacent 115 Ewhurst Road
- Gabriel St south side within 5m junction Bovill Road
- Gabriel St south side within 5m east of junction Garthorne Road
- Garthorne Road southeast side within 4.5m southwest of junction Gabriel St
- Grierson Road northwest side 3.3 length and 6.6m from junction Honor Oak Park
- Grierson Road southeast side 1.8m length 6.6m from junction Honor Oak Park
- Lowther Hill both sides within 10m of junction Brockley Rise
- Manor Lane west side 10m length at network rail site access point between the two rail-over-the-road bridges between junctions with Fernbrook Road and Milbrough Crescent
-Montacute Road northwest side 3.2m length at Blythe Hill Fields path access point between 40 and 42 Montacute Road

The plans, which were advertised in the Mercury(!), can be commented on by:

"Writing to Lewisham Transport Policy & Development, Wearside Service Centre, Wearside Road, SE13 7EZ, to arrive not later than 21 days from the date of publication of this notice (Jan 4th 2012)."