180 Brockley Road proposals - reaction

The plans for the redevelopment of the MOT garage in Brockley's Neighbourhood Local Centre are presented today at Toads Mouth Too cafe, Coulgate Street, from 3pm-7pm. Since the thread announcing the proposal has already generated a mountain of speculative comment, we thought it would be worth creating a fresh thread for people who've seen the plans to react to them.

The Brockley Society and the Brockley Cross Action Group have both seen the plans and offered them a cautious welcome, although both want to see more detail and a response to their feedback. The Brockley Society says:

Brockley Society welcomes the opportunity to have an imaginative design for something appropriate to the area on this very important development site and that we look forward to fruitful consultation.

The Brockley Cross Action Group says:

The development has great potential to regenerate the heart of Brockley but the overall impact needs careful consideration as it moves through the planning stages. BXAG are very positive about the developer's proposal to redesign Coulgate St as a pedestrian friendly street as part of the development, something we have long campaigned for and work that would greatly improve the station area. So at present we are supportive of the development in principle but there are several details that require further scrutiny.

Our aim is to coordinate our response with that of the Brockley Society - that process has already started.

Tell us what you think.