D&M Vans removes itself from Brockley

D&M Vans, whose vehicles could regularly be found strewn around the streets of Brockley, has vacated its offices in Brockley Cross, relocating the business to another part of South East London.
Spot the difference: Coulgate Street before D&M's departure (above) and after (below)
The site of their office on a busy intersection was never suitable for a van hire company, leaving them reliant on nearby residential roads and a Brockley Cross parking bay intended for customers of other local businesses to stow their large fleet of vans. The redevelopment of Brockley Cross, planned for later this year, would have rendered the location untenable, by making parking large vans even more difficult. Competition from local rival ACE and increased vigilance from Lewisham Council parking enforcement made life trickier too.

Often illegally parked, their vans could be found clogging up roads from Coulgate Street to Myatt Garden Primary School. Hopefully, their relocation has enabled them to find a less problematic base of operations.