180 Brockley Road - Public consultation

The owners of 180 Brockley Road (the MOT garage and ACE van hire centre behind Coulgate Street) will present plans later this week to redevelop the site.

A public consultation will be held on Thursday, at Toads Mouth Too, Coulgate Street, from 3pm - 7pm.

The site has been acquired by MacDonald Egan, the team behind the redevelopment of Martin's Yard. When we interviewed MacDonald Egan's Martin Nash about the Martin's Yard scheme last year, he showed us some initial concept work for the 180 Brockley Road site. No doubt, their thinking has moved on considerably since then and we won't preempt Thursday's presentation, but we will say that it will be a very significant project, something we alluded to in our predictions for 2012.

The plans we saw were for a large mixed-use development, which would create a new row of shop fronts next to the Brockley Barge. It would create a more coherent "town centre" for Brockley and radically change the feel of this stretch of road. 

We'll bring you more details as we get them, but rest assured, this will be a big deal that will prompt a lot of debate over the coming weeks.