The Time Traveler's Wifi

Robot Guard #1: Be you robot or human? 
Leela: Robot, we be. 
Fry: Yep, just two robots out roboting it up. 
Robot Guard #2: Administer the test. 
Robot Guard #1: Which of the following would you prefer? A. a puppy; B. a flower from your sweetie; or C. a large, properly formatted data file? Choose! [Fry and Leela confer] 
Fry: Er... Is the puppy mechanical in any way? 
Robot Guard #1: No. It is the bad kind of puppy. 
- Futurama, Fear of a Bot Planet

BC's Singapore correspondent, b., has discovered a prototype clock designed for robots, which sits in the corner of Brown's. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop. We understand the giant clockwork robot that lives next door to Toads Mouth approves. This is a story that needs no further explanation:

Product sketch: Clocks for Robots from BERG on Vimeo.