Location, Location, Location

Approximately a decade after its first visit, Location, Location, Location returned to Brockley last night, during an episode devoted to house hunting in South East London, which, as the presenters helpfully explained, is the area between the city and the Kent countryside.

It was interesting to compare and contrast the two shows.  Whereas the first visit portrayed Brockley as a sleepy, speakeasy bolthole that came as a complete surprise to the prospective buyer, last night's show featured a couple of "cool" and "stylish" designers living in Brockley whose list of criteria for their next purchase included remaining in the "Brockley area" loved the community and were freaked out by a house in relatively suburban Hither Green, which lacked the city-centre buzz they were used to.

Ultimately, they bought a large property in Camberwell, where they will try to recreate the Brockley magic, having been disappointed by a property in Crofton Park, but not before they were shown standing looking longingly through the window of an estate agent with El's Kitchen in the background several times. Farewell, Nadine and Toby, you have served Brockley admirably.