Music of Brockley Origin

Peckham Space is hosting The South London Black Music Archive, an exhibition by artist Barby
Asante, which opens today and runs until March 24th.

The installation "aims to celebrate, preserve and investigate South Londoners’ personal relationships with moments in black music history," and they are asking Brockley Central readers to add their memories to the map so that they can build a comprehensive record of the key places in South London for black music.

As well as this, the exhibition is inviting readers to contribute their black music records, tapes, CDs and memorabilia to add to the archive and build a history. All items are returnable.

To take part, please text the memories or objects you'd like to contribute to 07908 965 553 or email

Barby Asante says:

“The influence of black music on the development on popular music is often overlooked. Black music has also played a significant role in the development of British culture from the 1950's and this is a great opportunity to provide a platform for people to consider the significance of this cultural activity on their lives.”


Anonymous said...

The king of Ska Desmond Dekker used to live in Forest Hill.

Anonymous said...

In the 70's and 80's there was quite a bit of reggae going on in the Lewisham area.

Anonymous said...

The Jamaican singer Millie also had a connection with Forest Hill.

Anonymous said...

There is a great African band that plays in Deptford on Fridays.

Mezzer said...

Just saw this today:

Vinyl Splashdown, Reggae Night:

Every Wednesday Albertines Wine Bar Lewisham (evening session)

This week (18th Jan) : Eddie Oxman with Chucky Downbeat.

Tom said...

You guys all know about the link between Upper Brockley Road and Lovers' Rock dontcha?

Sarah McLean said...

Hello everyone,

Thanks for so many great tips so far about black music in south London. If you'd like to add these to the exhibition, you can do it even from home! Just text your story to: 07908965553 and it will be printed in our gallery and added to our map. We'd love as many contributions as possible, so please get texting.

I also thought you'd be pleased to know that one reader of this post has already come down to Peckham Space to drop off his amazing collection of old Black Music magazines, Street Life magazine and some copies of the Black Panther newspaper. We're really grateful to Brockley Central for getting the word out, and keen to see what comes next...

Sarah, Peckham Space

Anonymous said...

Desmond Dekker lived in Harefield Rd Brockley before Forest Hill.

NAT said...

Benjamin Zephaniah used to hang in The Talbot, though I never heard him sing (or make or grow things for that matter)

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