Olympic Lewisham

The Olympics will come and go without leaving much of a mark on the borough of Lewisham. Nonetheless, our city will not host the biggest thing in the world ever without us snaffling up a few crumbs from the table of Greenwich and all the other Olympic boroughs. It will also require us to employ all kinds of ingenious solutions if we want to get to work on time during the Games.

So from now until the end of the Paralympics, we'll be trying to report any Olympic stories with implications for Lewisham. It'll be a fun new sport.

Firstly, Lewisham Council wants you to know that:

There will be a two day drop-in event hosted by LOCOG and TfL at the Clarendon Hotel, Blackheath on Friday 3 Feb (12 noon-8pm) and Saturday 4 Feb (10am-4pm). They will be sharing info on traffic, car parking and transport measures around Greenwich and Blackheath. Council officers will be on hand too to give info about the Community Live Site.