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The Olympics will come and go without leaving much of a mark on the borough of Lewisham. Nonetheless, our city will not host the biggest thing in the world ever without us snaffling up a few crumbs from the table of Greenwich and all the other Olympic boroughs. It will also require us to employ all kinds of ingenious solutions if we want to get to work on time during the Games.

So from now until the end of the Paralympics, we'll be trying to report any Olympic stories with implications for Lewisham. It'll be a fun new sport.

Firstly, Lewisham Council wants you to know that:

There will be a two day drop-in event hosted by LOCOG and TfL at the Clarendon Hotel, Blackheath on Friday 3 Feb (12 noon-8pm) and Saturday 4 Feb (10am-4pm). They will be sharing info on traffic, car parking and transport measures around Greenwich and Blackheath. Council officers will be on hand too to give info about the Community Live Site.


Anonymous said...

Should have been won by Paris all along then we wouldn't have all the hassle to start with!

Anonymous said...

If Paris had won the East London boroughs involved would never have been regenerated.

It was also an injection of government cash into the economy when it needed the most.

InItForTheMoney said...

The Olympic questions that matter to Brockley:

Is anyone renting out their property during the games?

Where did you advertise?

How much?

Any success? Advice?

Tamsin said...

Much though it goes against the grain to say so I probably agree with the second anonymous rather than the first. The Olympics has concentrated the mind and, as you said, ensured money flowed into the economy at a time when it would otherwise have dried up.

However I remain sceptical about the on-going use of the "Olympic legacy" - anticipate some monumental mistakes there - and do think that for the country as a whole it would have been better outside London. (But then the IOC are so blinkered they probably don't know that Manchester exists.) Hasn't done anything for the North South Divide and wont do anything for London's severely creaking infrastructure.

Lou Baker said...

@ tamsin


It's great news the Olympics is coming to town. We get a fantastic new park - brilliant swimming pool and velodrome, shopping centre, loads of new homes, railways and a red statue thing.

Sure it's a bugger if you're Scottish or Welsh - but if you are the chances are you've been living off the English taxpayer (and by English I mean London) for years. It's time for us to get something back.

And of course the Olympics could only come to London. It's a world class event and London is our only world class city.

It'll be great. I can't wait. Down with the miserable sods who put it down.

Andy Endwell said...

This whole ludicrous Olympic malarkey is an outrageous con that we the taxpayers were never consulted about. London will get nothing out of apart from extreme inconvenience and none of the so called “legacy” particularly as the bunch of rapists known as LOCOG have flogged the Olympic Park to the Qatari’s. Oh and whist I am at it sorry if you bought tickets in that idiotic “raffle” and have subsequently had a child or are expecting one before the start of the Hop Skip and Jump contest!!
Should have the wretched thing to the French.

Anonymous said...

I'm really worried about getting to work while it's on, sounds like it'll be chaos. What contingency plans have people made?

Brockley Nick said...

Honestly, I suspect they are talking travel chaos up somewhat. The Olympics take place at a time when a lot of Londoners are away / on holiday (it's always easier to get on a train during the summer holiday) and most of the journeys will be East / West, rather than North / South and at times of day outside the morning rush hour.

I think the Jubilee Line will be a problem, because it connects the O2 and the Olympic Park with the West End. The Southern services should be OK, although they will suffer some knock on effects.

If TfL talk up the chaos and it's not too bad, everyone will say it was a triumph. Say everything will be fine then you'll be slagged off the first time a train breaks down.

Also, scare Londoners into working from home, etc, and the overcrowding problem becomes less.

It will be a pain, but I don't think we are talking "snow chaos"-style meltdown.

Lou Baker said...

Travel chaos is well over stated.

Just cycle for two weeks and be done with it.

The Olympics is great for London.

I hope the miseries bugger off on holiday while they're

Let the world see our great city and it's great people at its best.

God said...

"I hope the miseries bugger off on holiday while they're

Preacher heal thyself

SamB said...

I got a letter through the door the other day all about the parking restrictions you mentioned, and how they're working with Lewisham Council on these.

It included information on how I could apply for a permit to park on the road (presumably outside my house). Which is odd, considering that a) I already have a designated parking space and b) I can't believe that Olympic tourists will be using side-streets in Brockley to park in to walk down to Greenwich etc.

Anonymous said...


Alaric Adair said...

In a master stroke of planning Tower Hamlets has closed the HNS Walk-In Centre at Whitechapel. Lewisham NHS closed the Newcross WIC on Goodwood Rd and handed two or three nurses over to the Hurley Group to provide a Walk-In "service" during surgery hours.
When LOCOG were planning the Olympics they assumed visitors could go to places like those if they had minor ailments. I guess Lewisham A&E will get rather busy. The people of Brockley had best stay fit and well during the main and para Olympics.

Tamsin said...

@ Sam B Interesting - could you give any more details? Sounds like a heaven-sent opportunity for Lewisham Council to CPZ everything if those who don't actually want a CPZ are not careful.

Andy Endwell said...

Oh that would just take the bloody biscuit, as if the bleedin Olympic’s were not bad enough Lewisham infesting the place with CPZ’s – Christ!

patrick1971 said...

I didn't realise that walk-in centre on Goodwood Road had closed. They helped me out when I had an ear infection some years ago. Is the nearest walk-in centre at the Waldron now?

Anonymous said...

The Overground from Brockley and New Cross/NX Gate is presumably going to be a lot busier when those of us in "wider Brockley" who usually use Lewisham/St Johns/Ladywell/New Cross for Southeastern to change at London Bridge will be avoiding that interchange.

SamB said...

Tamsin, I can't, unfortunately - it was a letter that was in the communal hallway here, and I didn't bring it into the flat (as I don't have a car), and now it's gone!

That was mostly the gist of it though - it was pretty confusing and not particularly comprehensive.

Much of the information from it (though not the bit about parking permits) is here: http://www.london2012.com/making-it-happen/local-access-and-parking/lewisham-access-and-parking.php The maps on that link seem to show that Brockley won't have any parking measures during the Games... So, not a particularly helpful letter all round.

Anonymous said...

It's only the roads within a circle a certain distance from Greenwich Park that will be affected. If you already have a parking permit for outside your property, nothing changes. The parking and traffic management stuff is being implemented to help residents and businesses and to stop pesky spectators cluttering up the local roads.

If you remember what happened for the Millennium Dome, I suspect this will be similar. A lot of fuss about nothing.

Trains going through Lewisham may be busy, as will the DLR, as spectators are being advised to get trains to Greenwich and Blackheath (!) for Greenwich Park and Charlton for the O2.

The new Get Ahead of the Games website is quite useful and national rail and DLR info will be added in coming months.


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