Bill Gates hosts BBC debate from Deptford Green music room

In an endorsement of Lewisham education sure to send local house prices soaring, Microsoft founder Bill Gates visited Deptford Green School today for a BBC World Service programme "World Have Your Say" which held a global debate with children from around the world. The debate focused heavily on health issues in the developing world, but also touched on the future of education.

Gates - whose philanthropic foundation is heavily focused on improving education and heatlh and who was presumably in town before heading to Davos - said that he envied Deptford Green's diversity. A boy from Uganda said he would rather go to school in Deptford Green than in his home country. Let's hope he has pushy parents.

You can listen to the podcast here. Thanks to Gema on the Deptford forum for the heads up.

[Full disclosure: Microsoft is a client of BC's employer].