Masons makeover?

Speculation is mounting on the Ladywell Forum that Masons, the Ladywell Village bar-restaurant which closed last year, is due to reopen in a new guise, under new ownership.

The planned replacement is rumoured to be a gastropub and BC reader 'Lady in the Well' says that decoration work appears to have begun. We hope to bring you more on this story soon.


Ms Tressillian said...

oo how exciting! I was sad when Masons closed, even if it had gone downhill gastronomically

malyons said...

great news!

Longtime Ladywell resident said...

Premature excitement I'm afraid. As yet there has been no internal redecoration of Masons, though the freeholder has been decorating the upstairs flat (and left painting equipment downstairs)! More news on shortly!

Anonymous said...

I visited this place when I first came to Brockley some years back. I was infuriated by the waitress who had clogs on. Every time she walked across the floor the tables shook and the noise was deafening. The service and the food were terrible. Never went back. Hopefully they'l sort out the floor though, and get some slippers!

Dirk diggler said...

premature ejaculation

Anonymous said...

A couple of pints of paint do not make a restaurant, as we learned with Biagio. Hopefully it is not RED paint!

Simon and Olivia @Geddes said...

I was told recently that a new owner for Masons had indeed been found.
Rumour is the company in question already have a couple of sites in Brixton and Crystal Palace.
We are watching with interest as we really miss going for after-work drinks in Masons.
That said, we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening in the Ladywell Tavern last night with all of our team. It was nice to see the pub busy.

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