Story Jam - Storytelling for grown-ups, in the pub

 Alys (right) with co-performer Jen Pearcy-Edwards at The Miller, London Bridge

Alys Torrance writes:

Lip Thumb & Toe storytelling collective bring you South London's own story night: in the pub, over a pint, for a laugh (and a fiver). The last Sunday of the month until April. Stories. Beer. Or wine if your coming from North London. Whimsy is barred. On 29th January, the uniquely wonderful Sarah Rundle headlines.

Expect wit and idiocy, a bit of music, great guest storytellers and a boot in the arse if they go on for over half an hour.January's guest is the remarkable sharply witty Sarah Rundle. Heckle if you dare.


Anonymous said...

Busting the mung stereotype in every way possible.

Anonymous said...

*Something about dogging*

Anonymous said...

what is a mung??????

Anonymous said...

Good question. I'm not sure anyone knows for sure but it seems to be a derogatory term for anything perceived by the smallminded as posh/middle-class/hippy/liberal/leftie/green/arty/musical/trendy/foodie/etc etc etc.
It's also a handy shorthand for identifying the user as a bit of a dick.

Anonymous said...

Oh is this like Tall Tales? I've heard that is really good.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see, so a Mung is what conservatives call everyone else?

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