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In BC's experience, it's only when you're married and it's too late that you realise there are binders full of  single women doing nice grown-up things like going to pop-up restaurants together, which would never occur to single men to do. 

Julie, of Eat Meet Supperclub highlights the problem - their singles event is short of men:

We have a man-drought for our singles brunch supper club on April 13th. Where are all the single men of Brockley? Surely not all in the betting shops?  Any chance you could help us hunt down some single eligible males to join the (many, lovely) women already in the hat? 

Requirement is: ability to eat food. Ability to be mildly sociable. 30-40ish (though we're not strict). Male. It's not a horrid forced fun 18-30 holiday esque singles thing... it's incredibly informal and relaxed. No tortuous party games. Oh, and there will be complimentary booze to loosen the mood. Email


Henry's Cat said...

The expression 'singles brunch supper club' makes me spew a little in my mouth. Perhaps that is the problem?

Joel Rainsley said...

It is hard to meet new people when all your close friends have played the musical chairs coupleing game and left no spare seat for you. I am tempted.

Mark Sampson said...

I'm a single man who lives in the area (New Cross) and I don't spend all my time in betting shops! I can't make April 13th as I'm working late. Do you have any other events coming up?

Anonymous said...

I may be being a bit thick, but what on earth is a "brunch supper"? What time of day is that served pray tell? Perhaps a little clarification wouldn't go amiss.

NAT said...

So Hot , these red blooded Brockley males. Oh Dearie. I see the dilemma.

NAT said...

I think all that's left to say is Sunday! Sunday?? That's when I look after my neighbours cat, surely everyone knows that.

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