Ladywell village works begin

Yesterday, work began on the Ladywell high street improvement scheme. As a result, there will be some disruption in the area. Lewisham Council explains:

  • From 2 April, for a period of at least three weeks, it will be necessary to close Algernon Road to traffic between Gillian St and Ladywell Road, thus allowing the contractor to reconstruct the existing carriageway, install new drainage and construct the new paving for the footway, parking bays and junction works
  • Southern Gas Network will then need to lower their service valves in the mouth of the junction of Ladywell Road and Railway Terrace
  • The intention is to then commence work to reduce the road level in Ladywell Road, between the railway bridge and up to the Pelican crossing, from 15 April. This will be carried out with temporary traffic light control whilst Algernon Road is closed
  • Having completed the work to the carriageway in Algernon Road and Ladywell Road up to the Pelican crossing, the carriageway in Algernon Road will reopen. This will allow for Ladywell Road to be closed between the Pelican crossing and the westbound bus stop from 20 May, to commence the reconstruction of Ladywell Road to the new levels
  • On completion of this section of Ladywell Road, we expect to commence the final reconstruction of Ladywell Road (from the westbound bus stop to Adelaide Avenue) from 29 May. This is expected to last until 7 June
  • Whilst the western section of Ladywell Road carriageway is being reconstructed, work will be carried out to the footways of the section of Ladywell Road carriageway previously completed to minimise disruption to pedestrians
  • The expected completion date of the major work is on or around 24 August
  • During the closure of Algernon Road, the 484 bus will be rerouted along Ladywell Road, into Adelaide Avenue, Montague Avenue, Hilly fields Crescent, Cliffview Road onto Vicars Hill where it will be back on route
With thanks to Robert from the Ladywell Village Improvement Group.