Empty properties in Brockley

At a time of rising rents in Brockley, it's exasperating to learn that local homes are being left empty. A BCer who wishes to remain anonymous writes:

We have had for several years now an empty flat in our building (a Victorian conversion with few flats). We're worried about lots of issues - loss of heat, the risk of someone breaking in and problems with condition of the building have all been concerns for us and the other  people that live in the for a long time.

We are in touch with the council and they are helping us trying to get the issue sorted. Fortunately the council is being really helpful and supporting us on trying to get the flat occupied. We are not pushing the owners to sell it, but wouldn't it be nice for all of us if they could rent it out? They get a lovely income and we get neighbours!

Anyway I am just wondering if this is an issue that is present elsewhere, or if it is just us being unlucky. Have people seen many empty properties in the area and has anyone been through the same experience with a landlord and the council?

I would love to hear from people in the area, whether this is a one off or something that concerns us all?