Zippos Circus

Those blurry blue lights are four motorbikes riding at high speed around a small  globe, 10 feet away from the audience
Zippos is like non-league football or amateur boxing: Surprisingly entertaining, easy to park and featuring performers whose need to double as half-time ice cream sellers belies their extraordinary talent - making their displays all the more humbling.

Its star attractions include a genial Ukrainian strongman, a Cuban acrobat troop and four motorcylists who squeeze in to a metal sphere, 20 feet in diameter, and race upside down. Even the clowns made us laugh.

Note: At one point, a succession of men refused to let the clowns drag them in to the ring to serve as comic stooges. We are pleased to report that this pattern was broken by a dad we recognised from Myatt Garden, who stepped up and showed great comic timing of his own - Brockley always delivers.

Zippos is performing on Blackheath until Tuesday, April 9th. Recommended.