Utrophia: Things to Come

Utrophia, the itinerant arts collective currently based in Deptford, is leaving its home on Deptford High Street, to make way for an Antic pub called The Jobcentre, which the Deptford Dame reports is currently going through the planning process. They write:

We're leaving the High Street at the end of April and packing up the Utrophia project as we've known it for the past ten and a half years to return as something a little different. Keep your eyes peeled for what happens next. 

There'll be a party of course, and prior to that we'll be in the space selling off a lot of good stuff on market days (Weds, Fri, Sat), so come down, say a fond farewell and pick up something wonderful, useful, or both. 

Utrophia's extension, "trading post" Extra Bones also has to make way.

With thanks to Sophie for the story.