The Hill Trader

Sarah from The Hill Trader writes:

The Hill Trader Community Shop is an exciting new pop up shop in the Hill Station Café, run by local people for local people.

As part of what we’re doing at the Hill Station, Kitto Rd, SE14 we have opened this shop as a pilot for 4 months, selling locally handmade things as well as bread and milk.

We are working with local people who are giving us some of their products to sell, and in return will volunteer at the shop for a session a week. This means we all get lovely things to buy and they get valuable retail experience without the financial risk of renting a stall or shop.

Our vision is to provide a space for people to both buy and sell locally produced goods, share skills and inspire others who want to create things to sell. We have aimed to be as inclusive as possible and are trialing a range of different items produced by people of all ages and backgrounds.

We’re excited about starting this new venture and we are keen to hear whether you agree a shop like this would be a great resource for our community. Please do also get in touch if you have something you would like to produce for the shop.

At the end of July if there is enough interest and support from both local customers and suppliers we will consider how best to continue this bold vision!

So wish us luck, come and support this initiative and let us know what you think.

Please feel free to talk to one of the volunteers running the shop, Stephen, Jacqui at the Hill Station Cafe counter or Sarah Bickers directly at