Crofton Park - An Evil Cradling

This is a city of the muses. For poets, painters and composers. This is the artists' enclave. This is Venice and Florence waiting to be explored, and I dream it still.
- Brian Keenan, Between Extremes 

Bryan & Keegan, an estate agent so new that its website isn't live yet, is coming to Crofton Park. Jonathan sent us this photo of their shiny new shop front.

BC understands that Estate Agents aren't universally welcomed to Brockley's high streets, but it's another unit filled, another business employing people locally and another sign that the local economy is buoyant. Its neighbours include a bakery and a ballroom, so homogeneity isn't a problem on this stretch.

UPDATE: Founder Jon Keegan explains:

We have taken over the site of Bells of Westminster Builders, which many of you know was run by Kevin Bryan. Bells have moved to the back of our office so the estate agency will also incorporate the building services. I appreciate not everyone will be thrilled by another estate agency but for my sins this industry is my passion! We hope to try and break down some of the barriers which can often exist between clients. We would welcome anyone to pop in and see us for a tea or a coffee. As well as raising our own profile i would be keen to hear of any community projects that we might be able to help/get involved in.