Ladywell double in London Marathon

Richard Elliott writes:

Two male runners from Kent Athletics Club (based at the Ladywell Arena) came first and second in the mass participation section of the London Marathon yesterday.

If they were running in the Elite Men's race they would have come 14th and 15th respectively. Bloomin' impressive stuff.

I train at Ladywell every Tuesday night with Kent. The top guys train in a different group to me. I don't know Paul (who won), but John (came second) trains at the track every week and I think lives locally.


Richard Elliot said...

I'm still marvelling at the fact John came second.

If you want more details about Kent Athletics Club (they are welcoming to runners of all levels), their website is here:

I've put some more details of my day watching on my blog:

Lep Recorn said...

Impressive - but you didn't mention that I came 32659th.

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