The Brockley Sofa

Kate Sibley wants your vote in a sofa competition for the Design Museum and She writes:

I am co-director of Sibley Grove, a small local design studio hoping to move into one of the new business units in Martins Yard soon.

I am writing as we have been shortlisted in a sofa design competition for, where the voting is entirely decided by public votes as a result of pushing through social media etc. The winning design will be produced by and exhibited at the Design Museum.

The 'Jeremy Grove' aka The Brockley
I was hoping that you might post about us and encourage people to log into the site and vote for us, as this is such a good opportunity for us as a small business. I understand if that's not something you would do, but any support you could give would be very much appreciated!

In order to vote you need to go to this page: and vote for the design listed as 'Jeremy Grove' (a green sofa, with metal frame). I'm afraid you have to register with before you can vote, but it only takes a second. You then need to tick 'love it' and give us 5 stars!

The deadline is the end of the day tomorrow (Thursday).


Brockers Blue said...

Really nice sofa that.

Brockleyofold said...

It's so good to see local designers producing such great work. You have my vote.

moira said...

Where is it on the page?

Kate said...

Hello! There was a glitch and it disappeared for a bit, but it's back there now, near the top(!). We really appreciate all of your votes! Thanks so much!

Ellie said...

I voted for this sofa (and loathed the others, I have to say!) and would urge other Brockley residents to vote. I feel really strongly that we should be supporting talented local creatives, like Sibley Grove. Let's help them win and get Brockley designers into the Design Museum!

Sibley Grove said... have actually extended the deadline for voting until Sunday at 5pm as they've been having a lot of technical issues with their site, so there is still time to vote if you'd like to!

tamsin said...

With the extended deadline and time to do other things today I have now voted. All for supporting local businesses. And I do like the tentative nature of your request.

But it does rather seem an example of the new demagoguery - the winner is not necessarily the best product but the designer with the most effective use of social media. Should have lassoed a random 100 people from a shopping centre and made them vote.

Don't agree with Ellie - I actually quite liked quite a lot of the other sofas too. Interesting stuff. And this is not one that you could sit or lie on sideways without the cushions sliding through the gap.

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