The Brockley Sofa

Kate Sibley wants your vote in a sofa competition for the Design Museum and She writes:

I am co-director of Sibley Grove, a small local design studio hoping to move into one of the new business units in Martins Yard soon.

I am writing as we have been shortlisted in a sofa design competition for, where the voting is entirely decided by public votes as a result of pushing through social media etc. The winning design will be produced by and exhibited at the Design Museum.

The 'Jeremy Grove' aka The Brockley
I was hoping that you might post about us and encourage people to log into the site and vote for us, as this is such a good opportunity for us as a small business. I understand if that's not something you would do, but any support you could give would be very much appreciated!

In order to vote you need to go to this page: and vote for the design listed as 'Jeremy Grove' (a green sofa, with metal frame). I'm afraid you have to register with before you can vote, but it only takes a second. You then need to tick 'love it' and give us 5 stars!

The deadline is the end of the day tomorrow (Thursday).