Brockley Society Open Meeting, April 10th

Brockley Social Club, 240 Brockley Road, 8pm

Robert Park, from BrocSoc, writes:

It should be an interesting evening. We have invited Nicholas Taylor, architectural historian and former chair of Lewisham Planning Committee, along to talk about "The Conservation of Communities", and perhaps his recollections of planning in Lewisham and Brockley when he served as the councillor responsible for planning for the borough in the seventies and eighties.

Some people might remember Nicholas from the recent documentary on Deptford High Street - The Secret History of Our Streets. He was the chap who was pounced on by the program makers, and inadvertently became the villain of the piece. I spoke to him at length about it after the airing, and he convinced me that he had been unfairly represented. So we invited him to speak to us at our annual open meeting - so we might hear his real views about planning in the city, and how it can support communities.