Brockley restaurants make Standard's cheap list

Tonight, two Brockley restaurants made the Evening Standard's list of the top nine affordable South London restaurants - a bias so strong, they had to hide it by pretending that Meze Mangal is in Lewisham. Here's what they say:

Meze Mangal
Well worth the journey south for those who live in other parts of London, this neighbourhood Turkish is busy even on a Monday night. The traditional menu focuses on the grill and pide (Turkish pizza) and you can't really go wrong with either.

The Gantry
Well-loved by locals, this French bistro in Brockley is run by a lovely lady from Brittany called Patrice. Slightly at the higher end of our cheap eats spectrum, The Gantry's all-day menu still doesn't cost a bomb if you choose wisely.

With thanks to Richard.