Brock Party

Dave Chappelle: Attention, Huxtables, there is a block party down the street. Bring Yourselves. BRING YOURSELVES! And bring Rudy, Theo, and Denise.
- Block Party

Bored of Big Lunches, Nina wants to step it up a notch by trying to organise a Brockley block party. She writes:

I was enjoying the sun last weekend and the idea came in to my head to try and organise a community block party this summer.

Would it be something it's something people might be interested in attending? I was thinking something along the lines of a DJ, a couple organised, child-friendly games and one or two local food vendors. I was looking at the last weekend in June as a possible date. 

If this comes back as a terrible idea no worries, equally if people are interested in forming an organisational committee then please get in touch.