Forest Hill - View of the top

Forest Hill gets the Guardian's 'Let's Move To' treatment today, described as a gloomy, cheap alternative to Brockley or Peckham, which benefits from the Horniman and the views from the top.

Many here have fallen: Brockley, Peckham, Crystal Palace. But Forest Hill is hanging on by its nails... The South Circular flows incessantly, and there are quite a few boy-racer routes for those seeking to escape it. The centre, consequently, feels a bit placeless. It can have a gloomy feel, as it's on the north-east side of Sydenham Hill.

It's a harsh assessment, which neglects to mention a fantastic new swimming pool, some lovely streets and a good variety of shops and pubs, but they're not wrong about the impact of the South Circular.

With thanks to Monkeyboy for the tip off.